See the following page for more on general hiring and working conditions for blue and white collar positions as well as professional or management positions.

A number of challenging job opportunities and diversified work environments await SIM employees. In addition to jobs extinguishing and preventing fires, career opportunities are available in a variety of other emploment categories. The purpose of these positions is to provide material, administrative, technical and professional support with the objective of helping the SIM achieve its mission.

General hiring conditions 

In order to hold a position in the blue collar category (works and sanitation officer, etc.) and the white collar category (secretary, administrative clerk, paralegal, desk officer, etc.), candidates must (depending on the job requirements):

  • hold a high school diploma, a vocational diploma, or a general or technical college diploma.
  • have the relevant number of years of experience.

In order to hold a position in the professional category (research officer, communications officer, financial resources advisor, engineer, etc.) and the management category (human resources consultant, department manager, division manager, etc.), candidates must (depending to the job requirements):

  • hold a university diploma.
  • have the required years of relevant experience. 

To find out more about the requirements of each position, please consult the job openings posted in the Careers section of the city's Web site (in French).

Working conditions 

  • Annual salary based on the job position
  • Possibility of a permanent or regular position
  • Average work week of 35 hours