A growing number of devices used in our daily lives are lithium-ion operated. Few people suspect that smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, or electrical scooters and bikes can actually start a fire.

Lithium-ion batteries are hazardous because they can ignite. As they burn, these batteries can release a flammable gas that may cause an explosion. Whether it is a manufacturing defect, an electrical overload, a lack of ventilation, a shock between two devices, many circumstances can cause the battery to overheat, with tragic outcomes. 

Here are some safety tips for your electronic devices:

  • Make sure that the battery contained in your device is not damaged. When the time comes to replace your battery, make sure you store the old batteries in fireproof containers that are kept away from any heat source. Make sure you dispose of hazardous waste at an ecocentre. 
  • Use a charger that meets Canadian electrical standards and is approved for your device.
  • Avoid exposing your batteries to potential heat sources for extended periods of time, and avoid contact with water.
  • Remain on the premises while your battery is charging and do not exceed the maximum charging time. 
  • Read manufacturer’s instructions and follow it.

Acting responsibly when you cook reduces the risk of a fire. It is up to you to change the statistics!