Electronic Cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarettes
The electronic cigarette, a device equipped with a battery and a microprocessor, has gained popularity among Quebecers in recent years.

Certain risks of fire are associated with its use, however. If you use e-cigarettes, the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal advises that you observe the following tips in order to protect against the risk of fire.


  • It is important not to overcharge the battery and to observe the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Overcharged batteries can explode and provoke a fire outbreak.
  • Do not leave your e-cigarette unattended when recharging it, and only recharge during the day.
  • Do not recharge the battery while sleeping.
  • If the e-cigarette battery is overcharged, the lithium it contains may overheat and catch fire.
  • Only use accessories provided by the manufacturer (charger, USB cable, etc.).
  • Do not use e-cigarettes in the presence of an oxygen tank (oxygen therapy).
  • Do not carry an e-cigarette in your pocket without a carrying case. The battery could enter into contact with metal pieces and trigger a spark. Always use the carrying case.