The By-law concerning fire safety updates requirements and corrects the obsolescence of standards used in the field. It was amended in accordance with the National Fire Code - Canada 2010. Its application ensures improved oversight in relation to various elements, notably the use of ethanol fireplaces and the calculation of occupancy capacity in assembly buildings, to name just a few.

Adopted by City Council on January 24, 2012, this by-law takes precedence over previous fire prevention by-laws applied across Ville de Montréal territory. It ensures uniform safety by eliminating normative disparities and allows for more efficient interventions through the use of standardized administrative arrangements.

It sets out normative requirements, notably for:

  • the protection of buildings and occupants against fire;
  • warehousing inside and outside buildings;
  • warehousing and handling flammable and combustible liquids;
  • industrial processes and operations entailing a risk of fire;
  • the inspection and maintenance of fire safety installations in buildings.

It provides improved oversight for:

  • the use of ethanol fireplaces;
  • the use of tents and heat-producing apparatuses during public events and gatherings;
  • fire safety plans in high-rise buildings or buildings spanning a large area;
  • the calculation of occupancy capacity in assembly buildings.

For more information on this by-law, please call 514 872-3800.

What is an alternate solution?

A design, construction process or use of material or equipment that is different than those specified in regulations (acceptable solutions for division B) can be considered an "alternate solution."

The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed alternate solution meets the objectives and functional statements of acceptable solutions.

Alternate solutions cannot be based on reasons that are only economic.

An alternate solution is not an exception or exemption and does not mean you can avoid compliance with regulations. Any application that is not based on valid reasons or which does not meet the objectives of regulations will be refused.

An alternate solution committee is on site to handle applications. The committee will receive and assess applications and make a decision in writing about the proposed alternate solution.

The alternate solution committee reserves the right to require that an application be accompanied by documents that have been approved and sealed by a professional. All applications for alternate solutions must be made on the alternate solution form.

The committee can be reached by e-mail at: @email

Other municipalities within the agglomeration

If you reside in an other city on the Island of Montréal, please contact your municipality for details on the policies and procedures surrounding its fire safety by-law. The legislation in force confers upon municipalities the responsibility for legislating on matters of fire prevention.