Below you will find the procedure for submitting a special event request, as well as all requirements and processing times.

The information presented on this page will be useful for any individual or organization:

  • That is considering holding a special event in the Montréal urban agglomeration, particularly with regard to issues involving fire safety and the public.
  • That would like to obtain a risk management notice or a fire safety notice from the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (Montréal fire department - SIM for short) in order to hold a special event.

Requirements depending on type of event

SIM and "public" events

An event is considered "public" if the site owner is a borough, neighbouring municipality or para-municipal organization in the Montréal urban agglomeration. In these cases, the public event organizer must begin the process by contacting the representative in charge of events for the borough, municipality or organization to obtain a city authorization number. 

After obtaining the authorisation number from the city, organizer can fill out the SIM form available here.

The borough, neighbouring municipality or organization will issue final authorization. 

SIM and "private" events

If the event takes place in a private building or grounds, it is considered "private" by the SIM. In such cases, organizers of this type of event can fill out the SIM form available here.

Event managers in the borough, neighbouring municipality or organization will be involved in processing the request. 

Requirements to obtain a risk management notice

Persons requesting a risk management notice must provide the following

  • Agreement from the borough, related municipality or para-municipal organization to carry out the special event
  • Written authorization from the owner(s) of the site(s) where the activities will take place during the special event, e.g. a building, field, etc.
  • The necessary insurance

Application review period

SIM requires that the special event application form, letter from the owner of the premises and final plans be received at least ten working days prior to the event in order to be able to carry out all the analyses prior to the issuance of the safety notice. Any application submitted to SIM after this time or that does not include all the required information is subject to rejection.