Agent de prévention
Denis Labine, Ville de Montréal
Find out more about the position of prevention officer, as well as the general hiring and working conditions.

In the performance of their day-to-day duties, all SIM staff at various levels play a part in ensuring a safe environment and preventing fires. However, some 100 SIM staff are tasked exclusively with carrying out prevention and public awareness activities. The many prevention and awareness measures are mainly intended to reduce the occurrence and severity of fires. Their implementation also allows operations staff to prevent the spread of fires by effectively curbing and confining them.

Would you like to help save lives by working to mitigate the occurence and severity of fires? Do you have good customer service skills? Do you like working on the road? If so, the position of prevention officer may constitute an interesting career opportunity for you.  

The duties of the prevention officer are as follows:

  • Inspect buildings, the area around buildings, equipment and installations within the agglomeration of Montréal in order to ensure that they are compliant with the legislation and standards governing fire and public safety;
  • Inform, advise and educate the public about safety measures used in fire prevention;
  • Check fire safety plans and, where required, ensure that the necessary corrective measures are applied.

General hiring conditions 

  • Must hold an attestation of college studies (ACS) or a university diploma in fire prevention;
  • Must have a basic knowledge of fire prevention techniques, methods and practices as well as a basic knowledge of fire prevention legislation and ordinances;
  • Spoken and written French.

The following teaching establishments offer the attestation of college studies (ACS) in fire prevention:

The certificate program in advanced fire prevention technologies is offered by Polytechnique Montréal (in French).

Working conditions 

  • Annual salary (2017):
    • entry level (after hiring): $47,829
    • final salary scale: $62,770
  • Possibility of a permanent position
  • Regular work schedule (average work week of 35 hours)