Dryers : safety tips
It is important to comply with a few basic safety rules when operating dryers.

Carefully follow the instructions below in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when using household dryers. Because improper use of these appliances can lead to fires, your fire department urges you to comply with the following basic safety rules when operating dryers.

Prevention Tips

  • Have your dryer installed by a professional.
  • Make sure your dryer has a lint filter.
  • Clean the lint filter before and after each use. Also remove any lint or residue buildup around the filter.
  • Clean the vents using a vacuum cleaner in order to prevent lint buildup.
  • Fabrics soiled with flammable substances such as gasoline, solvents or massage oil must be thoroughly washed in order to remove all traces of these products. The Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal recommends that such fabrics be washed by hand and air-dried.
  • Frequently check the air outlet on the outside wall of the building to make sure that the duct is not obstructed (lint, snow, ice, etc.) and that the vent opens to allow air to escape when the dryer is operating.
  • Dryers must be vented solely to the outside of buildings.
  • Dryer vents must be made of metal and must be as short and as straight as possible. A maximum of four elbows may be used (or follow the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Gas-powered dryers must be inspected by a professional in order to ensure that the vents are intact and leak-free.
  • Closely follow the dryer user guide instructions and do not overload the dryer.
  • Turn off the dryer when you leave the home or go to bed.