Notices or authorizations may be required for special events or special effects where fire is used.

Definition of special effects or a special event

Special events and special effects are defined as any temporary occupancy (less than six months) of a place (space, grounds, building, etc.) for a purpose other than its intended purpose and authorized by its owner, where members of the public are invited and temporary structures are erected and/or special effects are used in which fire plays an important role. 

This type of occupany requires a risk management notice or a special effects authorization from the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (Montréal fire department - SIM for short).

What is the SIM's jurisdiction?

The By-law Concerning the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal gives the SIM the power to use its expertise and gives it authority over other parties in regards to fire safety and civil protection in the Montréal egglomeration. In the chapter about special effects, the following activities and those of the same nature are prohibited unless prior authorization is obtained from the SIM:

  • bonfires, fireplace fires, brazier fires, pyre fires and other open-air fires
  • pyrotechnic fireworks
  • processions using fire, flames, or pyrotechnics
  • artistic performances using fire, flames or pyrotechnics
  • visual effects using fire, flames or pyrotechnics, namely for presentations, shows, film shoots or other productions

Tthe SIM will authorize special effects like the ones listed above when it is demonstrated, as part of a special event, that the necessary safety measures are planned with respect to civil protection and the safety of built heritage. The SIM may impose, along with the authorization, any condition necessary for thesafety of the activity or event. Authorization is conditional upon compliance with those conditions. 

The authorization obtained under this article does not release the activity from the obligation to comply to any other applicable law or by-law.