A central heating appliance
Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal
To use your heater safely, whether it's central heating or a supplementary heat source, we recommend you take certain precautions.

Solid fuel

On April 27, 2009, the city adopted a by-law to protect air quality. Here is an overview:

  • Installing any appliance or fireplace that burns solid fuel is now prohibited.
  • However, EPA ou CAN/CSA-B415.1 certified wood pellet burning stoves are authorized.
  • Gas and electric fireplaces are also authorized. 
  • Existing appliances and fireplaces can continue to be used. However, if you replace them, only an appliance that is compliant with the by-law can be installed. 


  • Apply for a permit before installing your appliance.
  • Notify your insurer.
  • Install the appliance according to the manufacturer's instructions and the Québec Building Code.
  • Put ashes in a metal container with a raised bottom and store the container outdoors, away from flammable materials.
  • The chimney needs to be swept after every two cords of wood burned, or when there is more than 3 mm of creosote on the walls. 
  • Install a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your home. 

Please note that installing a smoke alarm is not optional – it is required. All owners are responsible for installing smoke alarms in the locations set out in the by-law.

Central heating

We recommend the following precautions for using central heating safely. 


  • Leave one metre of space around furnaces and 10 cm around electrical baseboards
  • Make sure your heating unit and ducts are inspected each year. 
  • If you have a gas heater, call 911 if there is a gas leak. 

Auxiliary heating

Auxiliary heating units (small heaters connected to an electrical outlet) must be used with caution.


  • Never leave your auxiliary heating unit on while unattended. 
  • Leave one metre of space around the unit. 
  • Do not use your auxiliary heating unit as a permanent heat source. 
  • Do not use an extension cord. 
  • Always use ULC or CSA certified appliances.