Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

The Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM) is intent on helping seniors become more aware of the importance of adopting certain behaviours in order to reduce the risk of fire and injury. 


  • Know the routes to the fire exits in your residence. 
  • Read the emergency evacuation plan for your building and know where the collection point is in case of an evacuation. 
  • Plan your evacuation in accordance with your abilities. If you require help to evacuate, make sure to inform the staff at your residence or register with the SIM’s emergency evacuation assistance program.

Building fire alarm system

If the fire alarm sounds in your building:

  • Immediately begin to evacuate;
  • Do not waste time searching for your personal effects;
  • Open the door carefully and check the situation in the corridor;
  • Close the door behind you;
  • Make your way to the closest or safest stair enclosure;
  • Do not use the elevators;
  • Keep moving toward the outdoor collection point;
  • Find the person in charge on site or call 9-1-1 once outside. 

Smoke alarm

  • In order to prevent injury, ask for help to verify that your smoke alarms are functioning properly by pressing the trial button every month. 
  • Install smoke alarms in closed bedrooms. 
  • The smoke alarm is not optional, but mandatory!

To learn more about smoke alarms and your obligations, click here.


  • Supervise the stove at all times when using it. If you must leave the room, turn off the stove. 
  • Use a pot or pan that covers the entire width of the stove element. 
  • Point the handles of pots and pans towards the back of the stove. 
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing when cooking. 
  • Keep anything that will burn far from the stove, and do not store any objects in the oven or on top of the stove. 
  • Wipe away grease and food stains from the stove, and from inside the oven and the ventilation hood. 
  • Never move a flaming frying pan or saucepan. 
  • Never try to extinguish a cooking fire with water.

Smoking articles

  • Never leave a burning cigarette unattended. 
  • Do not smoke in bed or on a sofa. 
  • Do not smoke near an oxygen tank (also applies to electronic cigarettes). 
  • Use an ashtray with a large rim.
  • Never empty the contents of an ashtray in the garbage can. 
  • Wet cigarette butts before throwing them out.


  • Do not carry lit candles. 
  • Make sure that candles are firmly mounted on flameproof holders. 
  • Place candles far from combustible materials. 
  • Use battery-operated or electric candles.


  • Keep combustible materials away from baseboard heaters. 
  • When using portable heaters: 
    - Do not plug the unit into an extension cord;
    - Keep an open space of one (1) metre around the heater;
    - Turn off and unplug the unit when you leave the room or your home;
    - Only use a portable heater on an occasional basis.

To prevent falls and injuries

  • Exercise on a regular basis; 
  • Take your time when getting up from an armchair or getting out of bed so as to maintain your balance before you begin to walk. 
  • Remove obstacles from walking areas. 
  • Use night lights and turn on the stairway lights before you take the stairs. 
  • Install grab-bars near the bathtub, shower and toilet. 
  • Make sure you have sturdy and proper-fitting footwear.

Prevention handbook for seniors

The SIM has created a handbook of awareness activities intended exclusively for seniors. The book features fire prevention activities and tips adapted in accordance with the regulations in force on the Island of Montréal. Seniors can learn more on the subject and the behaviours to adopt in order to prevent fires.

This tool will be used and distributed to participants during presentations given by SIM fire safety educators and prevention officers and during training sessions and evacuation exercises. The handbook is available in French and English at no charge.

To obtain a copy

To obtain a copy of the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal prevention handbook, please call the SIM prevention staff at 514 872-3800.