A barbecue is an outdoor cooking appliance which uses wood, coal, gas or propane as fuel. We recommend you use caution when cooking out. 

Use caution!

  • Place your barbecue at least 60 cm away from doors and windows. It should never block an exit.
  • Place coal-burning barbecues on non-flammable surfaces and more than one metre away from any flammable materials.  
  • Always use your barbecue outdoors.
  • Always light your barbecue with the cover open.
  • Turn off your gas barbecue by first turning the knob on the gas bottle to the off position so that gas can vent from the pipes.
  • Use a soapy water solution to make sure the appliance isn't leaking at the beginning of the season or before each use. 
  • Use a metal brush to clean the pipes.
  • Store your bottles of propane outdoors. But never store them in a garden or shed.