As a business owner, you have a number of responsibilities with respect to your own safety and the safety of your employees and clients. You are responsible for the safety of the people who frequent your business, whether they are working there or shopping there.

Basic knowledge of fire safety and equipment is indispensable. It is your responsibility to make sure fire safety equipment is available and working properly. 

List of items to inspect daily

  • On the fire alarm panel, only the green light should be illuminated.
  • Manual fire alarm switches must be visible and free of any type of obstruction. 
  • Portable fire extinguishers are securely attached to their holders, in good working condition and manometers indicate that they are fully loaded. 
  • All means of evacuation (exit doors, indoor/outdoor stairways, hallways, etc.) are free of any form of obstruction.
  • All means of evacuation are unlocked when the premises are occupied.
  • Doors of emergency exits and their hardware are in good working conditions.
  • All EXIT signs are illuminated and working properly.