The following safety requirements apply to any handling of flames for artistic or theatrical purposes during a special event.

  1. Have a copy of the specifications for the flame effects and all planned activities. 
  2. The artist must work in an area that is free of any obstacles (minimum 5 m) and the performance may not be carried out under a roof or near a shelter or any combustible material. 
  3. The security perimeter must be physically marked off. A distance of at least 5 m must be maintained between the flame and the public at all times. 
  4. The use of flammable liquids is strictly prohibited. 
  5. The container of combustible liquid used during the performance must be kept within the security perimeter and must not be accessible to the public. 
  6. Have a minimum quantity of combustible liquid for carrying out the planned fireworks during the entire presentation. 
  7. Have a secure soaking and shaking area that is inaccessible to the public. 
  8. Provide ground protection in the soaking area to prevent contamination. 
  9. An artist may only have a maximum of two litres of fuel. He/she must keep absorbent material near the soaking area and must ensure that it is disposed of in a safe manner. 
  10. Ensure that the accessories used during the performance are in good condition. 
  11. Keep a fire blanket or wet towels within the security perimeter. 
  12. Keep an approved class 3A-10BC portable fire extinguisher near the security perimeter. 
  13. Ensure that the flame effect display performed inside a building in no way hinders the operations of the fire safety and ventilation installations.