The following safety requirements apply to any fire designed for a gathering of people in celebration of a temporary special event (bonfire).

  1. The fire must be located at least 75 m from any building and at least 200 m from any industrial establishment considered to be very high risk.
  2. Establish a security perimeter around the fire and install a fence of at least 5 m around the perimeter. The fence must be adapted to the weather conditions. In extreme weather, the event must be cancelled and the fire extinguished. 
  3. Only firewood and eco logs may be used to fuel the fire. 
  4. Any accumulation of combustible materials must not exceed 3 m in height, width or length. 
  5. No flammable liquid may be used to light a fire. 
  6. Surveillance staff must remain near the fire at all times during the event. 
  7. Have a charged hose on site with a source of water that would be sufficient for extinguishing a fire outbreak. At the end of the activity, the fire must be fully extinguished and the ashes must be disposed of safely. 
  8. Keep at least one approved class 2A portable fire extinguisher near the fire. 
  9. Ensure the presence of at least two people in charge of fire risk management and public safety.