Any temporary electrical installation or any generator associated with a special outdoor event.

  1. The electrical installations used in a tent must be well maintained and used safely. 
  2. Any wire, cable, pipe or electrical device must be protected against physical damage and adverse weather. 
  3. In the tents, the bulbs and projectors must be at least 600 mm from the fabric and from any combustible material. 
  4. Any temporary electrical installation must be grounded in accordance with code regulations. 
  5. Any off-gas from a generator must be evacuated outside an appropriate security perimeter and be a reasonable distance away from any air intake or window of an adjacent building. 
  6. Any generator must be surrounded by a physical security perimeter and be situated at least 3 m from any building or tent. 
  7. A class 3A-10BC portable fire extinguisher must be installed near each generator. 
  8. Any portable generator must be refuelled only when the unit has been turned off and has cooled down sufficiently. 
  9. During refuelling, smoking is prohibited near any generator and its equipment. 
  10. Flammable and/or combustible liquids must be stored outside any building, tent or shelter in a safe location to which the public does not have access.

The Régie du bâtiment contains information on the following:

  • An event organizer's responsibilities
  • Required permits
  • Mandatory GFCI electrical outlets
  • Protecting installations against damage
  • The required clearances
  • The grounding of installations