Any temporary occupancy of a building for accommodation purposes when the building was not designed for that purpose.

  1. Install a functional smoke alarm in the room where people will be sleeping as well as near the dormitory entrance in the adjacent corridor. 
  2. Any fire safety installation such as a fire alarm system, sprinkler system, emergency lighting, etc. must be functional at all times while the building is occupied. 
  3. Have at least two evacuation routes. 
  4. Ensure that exits are unlocked and free of any obstructions at all times. 
  5. Ensure that passages and aisles are free of any obstructions at all times. 
  6. Ensure that lighted "EXIT" or "SORTIE" signs are installed while the building is occupied. 
  7. Have an emergency lighting system in the building. 
  8. Open flame devices such as candles, kerosene lanterns, etc., are prohibited. 
  9. Ensure the presence of a night guard, for each occupied floor, and provide him with a flashlight to use when he carries out rounds. 
  10. 10. Keep an approved class 3A-10BC portable fire extinguisher near each exit. 
  11. At the main entrance to the building and near the fire alarm system's control panel, post the name and cell phone number of the person to contact on site in the event of an emergency and include the number of people (children) on the sites.