Marchers in the streets of Montréal for Earth Day
Marchers in the streets of Montréal for Earth Day, April 22, 2012.
The following safety requirements apply to special events requiring a road closure.

All public roads, yards or private roads used by emergency vehicles to accessa site where a temporary special event is taking place.

  1. When a street, yard or private road is closed, maintain a traffic corridor measuring at least 6 m wide and 5 m high that extends in a straight, continuous line in the middle of the street or access road and that is free of any obstructions and accessible to emergency vehicles at all times.
  2. Any street, yard or private road required for the circulation of emergency vehicles must be maintained in good condition. No vehicle may be parked in such a way that it blocks the passage of emergency vehicles.
  3. To ensure that emergency vehicles can pass unhindered, a sufficient number of security personnel must be available at all times to supervise all the fences installed as well as the emergency route indicated by the painted lines.
  4. Any fence used for road closures must comply with the requirements or standards in effect in the borough or municipality in question.
  5. In addition to respecting the traffic corridors, any overhead wires, banners, streamers or flags constituting potential obstacles for fire ladders must be removed.
  6. Any fire hydrants, fire-department connections, Siamese connections or natural gas control valves must be visible and accessible. A minimum 1.5-metre clearing must be maintained around each one.
  7. All building exits located on the event site must be accessible.
  8. All road closures between two intersections where a fire station is located are prohibited. Safe access to public infrastructure, such as fire stations and SIM headquarters, must also be provided.
  9. The civic number designating a building shall be installed so as to be legible from the public highway.