You should check certain items in your home each day to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

Emergency exits

  • All emergency exits are completely and constantly free of any obstruction.
  • All exit doors (emergency exits) are unlocked and easily accessible.
  • All exit signs, lighting and emergency lighting of emergency exits are working properly. 

Smoke alarm and fire alarm system

  • The fire alarm system is working properly.
  • Only the green light is illuminated on the fire alarm system panel.
  • All handles to manually activate the fire alarm system (red levers on the walls in the hallway) are easily visible and accessible. 
  • The smoke alarm in my home is in place and working properly.

Portable extinguishers

  • All portable fire extinguishers are in place on their stands.
  • All portable fire extinguishers are visible and accessible.
  • Manometers on all portable fire extinguishers show proper pressure. 

Fire risks

  • Candles and other open flame devices are in non-combustible holders and at a distance from anything that could catch fire.  
  • When cooking, don't wear billowing clothing that could come in contact with the stove eye. 
  • When you cook, keep the lid of the pot or pan you are using nearby to put out small kitchen fires.