Montréal has a by-law requiring residents to have a working smoke alarm on each floor of their home. This is the cheapest device to alert you to smoke at the start of a fire, and also the easiest to install and maintain. 

  • Install and maintain your smoke alarm according to the manufacturer's directions. 
  • You'll find the replacement date on the smoke alarm.
  • Use the test button each month to make sure your smoke alarm is working.
  • Use smoke to test the device once a year.
  • If it goes off repeatedly and there is no fire, move it to another location or use a model that you can shut off temporarily. 

To learn more about smoke alarms and your obligations, click here.

When the smoke alarm goes off

  • Evacuate the building immediately using the closest exit.
  • If you come to a closed door, touch it with a back of your hand. If it's hot, don't open it! Place sheets, cloth or towels at the base of the door and go to the window to let firefighters know you are there. If the door is cold, open the door slowly and continue outside.
  • Walk on all fours through smoke.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Count all occupants at the gathering point.
  • Call 911.
  • Do not go back in the building for any reason.